Jelqing - all about the technique of penis enlargement exercises (photo, video)

Jelqing is a set of exercises for the penis that increase its size in length and thickness, improve potency, increase muscle tone, endurance in bed. The main advantage is that the exercises can be done at home without prior consultation with a doctor. The main principle of action is to activate the movement of blood in the soft tissues, which leads to an increase in size.

In this article you will learn how to properly perform the elking technique, how to quickly wait for the results, and you can also see photos before and after.

Preparing for elking

To make the exercises effective, follow these tips for proper preparation:

large penis size
  1. Take a shower, follow standard hygiene procedures.
  2. The skin must be prepared, properly warmed for the active movement of blood. To do this, just take a few minutes in a hot shower.
  3. Dry the groin area well with a clean, freshly ironed, warm towel.
  4. Lie on the bed and relax completely (for exercise you should take free time when nothing will distract you).
  5. Apply a sufficient amount of lubricant to the genitals (use plain non-flavored water- or silicone-based lubricant).
  6. Make a light warming massage in any form that will prepare the penis for intense exposure. Bring yourself to a state close to an erection.

How to do it right

The main rule is regularity. The technique should be performed every day, once or twice a day. During this there should be no painful sensations, but only a pleasant sensation of heat entering the body. If you feel pain, reduce the intensity of exposure.

how to do the exercises correctly

Observe your breathing while performing the technique. It must be flat and even. You should not orgasm in the first minutes. Gradually increase the duration of the exercises.

Possible technology options

Here are the most popular techniques that will help you enlarge your penis.

"Wet" method

For this exercise you need to achieve an erection of about 50 percent. If you feel very aroused, wait a few minutes and only then continue the process. Apply lubricant to the palms of your hands and the entire length of your penis.

Fold your fingers into a ring and wrap them tightly around the man near the base. Then squeeze your fingers and start pulling them hard against your head. If you are tired, change your hand. As the exercise progresses, the lubricant may dry out, in which case you will need to add it. It is important to perform the technique in the same rhythm, to change hands quickly. During the first week, do 200 pulls every day, which will take you about 10 minutes. By the end of the month, the number of movements can increase to 600, and the time for gymnastics can be up to 20 minutes.

jelking step by step

Wet elking is a great option for beginners. Due to the presence of lubricant, the movements are more slippery, so the workouts do not cause discomfort.

Reverse grip method

back gripping method

In this case, the palm will cover your penis from above, while forming a tight ring. Important: Some men believe that with this approach you should make movements from head to groin. That is a mistake. You also need to move from the base to the top. With this approach, the movement of blood increases, the base is strengthened. The technique can be combined with the classic technique.

Dry technique

The only difference from the wet method is that you do not use lubrication, ie all movements are performed on dry skin. The advantage is that your hand will not slip out at the most inopportune moment, which means that your movements will be more precise and intense.

dry elking for penis enlargement

However, this technique is not recommended for unprepared men. In case of careless movement, microtraumas are possible, which do not have the best effect on potency. It is better to start moving with lubrication and after only a few weeks try dry jelq.

Stretching technique

The technique is suitable for those who want to increase the length of their reproductive organ. To do this, you will need to use two hands at once. The first forms a ring of fingers and tightly wraps around the main area. The second makes pulling movements to the top. After a few movements, the hands can be changed.

There are also some stretching tricks:

  1. Do not bring the penis to an erection, but just start to stretch it slightly in a horizontal position, pressing it at the top;
  2. In an aroused state, pull the body down first, then in different directions, from time to time completely relax.

Important: Lubricant application is not recommended when using the stretching method, as this reduces the effect.

What to use as a lubricant

In the initial stage of training, it is recommended to use a lubricant that will ensure slippage, prevent pain and promote better erections. Here are some suitable options:

penis enlargement gel
  1. Jelqing is most effective in combination with penis enlargement gels.
  2. Vaseline products. This can be not only ordinary Vaseline, but also cheap baby cream. It is also recommended to use heparin ointment, which relieves swelling and promotes rapid healing of possible microdamages. The disadvantage is the excessive fat content in such lubricants, which may not have the best effect on hygiene, in addition, the products leave marks on underwear.
  3. Specialized waterlubricants. Use well-known brands. Most manufacturers produce fragrance-free products with moisturizing and soothing ingredients, such as chamomile extract. Advantages - safety, possibility of use on sensitive skin, no traces on bed linen and linen. The disadvantage of the water product is that it dries quickly (from time to time you will have to add it to slip).
  4. Silicone lubricants.In most cases, they are used for anal sex, but are also ideal for elking. Unlike water, they have a denser texture, do not dry out for a long time and are evenly distributed. The disadvantage is that they are poorly washed, can leave marks on the fabric when used incorrectly.

What should not be used? UnequivocallyNo- improvised means (sunflower oil, shower gels, various cosmetic products). Such options easily cause an allergic reaction, irritation and also do not give an effective result. Due to allergies, owners of sensitive skin are not recommended to use scented and scented lubricants - they are good for intercourse, but practically useless for massage.

Before using the product, test it for suitability, apply on a small area of skin and wait a few hours. If there is no side effect, you can safely use the lubricant on intimate areas.


Jelqing is an effective technique, but there are limitations to its application. These include the following:

contraindications for penis enlargement
  1. Open injuries and injuries of the penis, recent operations in the abdominal cavity and pelvic organs. In such a situation you have to wait for a complete cure.
  2. Acute prostatitis, urethritis, cystitis, other pathologies of an inflammatory nature, which are accompanied by pain, discharge, problems with visiting the toilet. This will require antibiotic therapy.
  3. Vascular diseases, their tendency to fragility and fragility, serious blood diseases, when the slightest injury can lead to bleeding.
  4. Hypersensitivity to various lubricants (in this situation only the dry jelq technique is suitable).
  5. Serious potency disorders. With complete impotence you will not be able to bring the penis to an erection, the technique will be useless.
  6. Simultaneous use of a vacuum pump or extension cord on the same day. It is necessary to alternate techniques and periodically give rest to restore muscle fibers.

Results before and after training (photo)

The technique gives amazing results if all the rules are followed. A month after regular training you will notice the following:

  1. Restoration of blood flow in the pelvic organs, which will have a beneficial effect on potency. You will not have erection problems, you will become more resilient during intercourse, you will be able to constantly surprise your partner.
  2. Prevention of stagnant processes in the prostate gland. This is especially true for men with chronic prostatitis. With regular exercise you will notice that the disease has stopped bothering you.
  3. Increase the thickness of the penis by about one centimeter, as well as increase the length of the body by 3-5 cm. The exact values depend on the initial parameters, the individual specifics of your body, and the regularity of training.
  4. Increased sensitivity of the head area due to the complete movement of blood. Thanks to this, the sensations during sex become much brighter and more pleasant.
  5. Improving the appearance of the penis, smoothing its shape and increasing the elasticity of the skin by using lubricants and creams with moisturizing ingredients.

Photo of the results of the exercises- before and after:

result of penis enlargement before and after