Penis enlargement

visit a doctor for penis enlargement

Penis enlargement is one of the areas of male genital surgery. As a result of the operation, an aesthetic effect is achieved and all sexual functions are preserved.

The quality of intimate life improves significantly, and the man gains self-confidence!

Why do men decide to adjust the size of the penis?

  • dissatisfaction with appearance;
  • lack of pleasant sensations during intercourse;
  • dissatisfaction with the partner;
  • lack of control over the duration of sexual intercourse;
  • trauma;
  • defects in the development of the urethra;
  • Peyronie's disease - curvature of the shaft of the penis;
  • fibrosis of the corpora cavernosa;
  • underdeveloped penis;
  • erectile dysfunction of various etiologies;
  • impotence as a result of endocrine disorders;
  • age-related changes;
  • correction of the consequences of operations on the internal and external male genitalia.

Penis enlargement methods

Modern medical centers use modern, effective and safe methods to correct the size of the penis.

Urologists with experience in solving these problems will individually choose the best way to adjust the size of the penis.

Urologists currently have the following techniques in their arsenal:

  1. Ligamentotomy - is performed in the perineum under general anesthesia. This is the intersection of part of the ligament apparatus of the penis. This makes it possible to visually redistribute the length of the penis in the direction of increasing its protrusion by more than 2 cm. Sometimes it may be recommended postoperative use of a special device - extension (fixator) to improve the outcome of surgery.
  2. Scrotal skin plastic surgery allows you to visually increase the length of the penis due to the release of the area hidden under the skin of the scrotum.
  3. Removing suprapubic fat allows you to open the base of the penis, hidden under the excess inflow of subcutaneous fat. In fact, the size of the organ does not change, but visually it looks a few inches longer.
  4. Penile prosthesis for erectile dysfunction in the clinic is performed with the help of a plastic three-component inflatable endoprosthesis. The phalloprosthesis allows the man to independently regulate the degree of enlargement of the penis in an erect state.
  5. Thickening of the penis. The technique of penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid due to its thickening. It consists of subcutaneous injection into the shaft of the penis of a substance that is a natural component of the human body - a filler based on hyaluronic acid. In the process, the genital trunk is generated. An immediate effect is achieved by increasing the diameter of the shaft of the penis by 2-3 centimeters.
  6. Penis enlargement with fillers is the most modern and affordable non-surgical method of enlargement. The hyaluronic acid gel, injected under the skin under local anesthesia, creates a kind of tight-fitting frame for soft tissues. The size of the head enlargement depends on the volume of the medicine injected.
  7. According to individual indications, special collagen matrices consisting of hypoallergenic animal collagen biofibers can be transplanted surgically between the head of the penis and the corpora cavernosa of the penis shaft.

Preparing for penis enlargement

As with any planned intervention on the integrity of the body, penis enlargement or plastic surgery requires proper preparation to establish the actual condition of the body and to rule out possible complications.

The patient must undergo laboratory tests of blood and urine, culture for microflora and infectious diseases. The urologist, cardiologist and therapist give conclusions about the patient's readiness for the intervention. In case of surgery under general anesthesia, an ECG is performed and an anesthesiologist is consulted. Coordination with other narrow specialists may also be required.


Contraindications for penis enlargement may be:

  • presence of severe endocrine diseases,
  • infectious diseases,
  • urological diseases in exacerbation,
  • blood clotting disorders,
  • oncological neoplasms,
  • age under 18 years,
  • the presence of mental disorders, etc.

The cost of penis enlargement depends on the chosen method of intervention, the need for treatment of infectious diseases and diligent compliance with postoperative recommendations to avoid repeated visits to the doctor.

Why is it worth contacting a trusted clinic?

  • Experienced doctors. Both surgical and minimally invasive procedures in the clinic are performed by qualified urologists-surgeons with extensive experience.
  • High quality service If necessary, there is an opportunity for one visit to consult and pass all the necessary tests.
  • Advanced equipment. The clinic uses high-tech methods, as well as proven, certified drugs from leading manufacturers.
  • Individual approach. The clinic provides confidentiality and an individual approach to the delicate problem of each patient